I'm the man I was born to be. I'm not the man I wanted to be.


Life is strange. We get loved for our faults, embraced for what we do to fix them.  

There are no lyrics killing off the man inside cause it has raised the man standing outside.

Do you mind burning your eyes on crappy videos

They pay the creators to keep the audience hooked. It gets messy with a hook on both the sides bleeding of the same blood.

Time for Brain Fart? Go Green

You can never figure how many lead actresses are there in a Bollywood movie. I was talking about Men dancing, singing and time spent looking beautiful. It puts a tough competition among all three actresses: Two actors and one actress.

I thought Meme was funny, but then I realised it was serious fun. The kind of serious which kills the social norms and liberates the soul. The body was no longer a shelter to protect itself. It was to explore without putting oneself above everything else. 






Your dreams are a dump. Dump them before they dump you. Find the ones which are in-sync with happiness and content.  

Relationship Goals

​We need to have two different prospects outside marriage to have a stable life.

  • A partner who understands us emotionally

  • A partner who looks after the physical aspect of the relationship

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